The Investment Projects of the Fuel-Energy Complex of the North-Western District

The North-Western Federal District plays an important part in the economic strategy of development of Russia. Taking its part in providing the economy safety of the country, the district has its own mineral resource, such as oil, gas, coal, fuel shales and peat. Due to its geographic position the traffic routes of the transportation of Russian raw materials to the world market are located in this area, on the territory of the district. The fuel-power complex of the district is system-forming for its economy The planned and already having been started investment into the fuel-power complex involves practically every branch of the complex – prospecting and production of the raw materials, large-scale transportation projects, oil processing, construction and modernization of the power-generating stations. The spatial imaging of the course of carrying into life 76 projects on the district’s territory and on the territory of 20 neighboring countries was executed with the help of geological informational technologies, by means of the software product Arc View 3.3.

The system introduced here was worked out within the program “Main trends of the social and economy development of the North-Western Federal District for the period until the year 2015”

Objects of the infrastructure of the Fuel-Energy


 Russian territory  Foreign countries
Particular oil, gas, coal, peat fields  15
Nodular infrastructure of pumping, rating

and export of oil with pipelines

Railway stations of oil discharge and bulk  104  8
Tank sea and river terminals of transfer of oil

and its derivatives

 31  32
Oil and gas processing enterprises  31  44
Sets of liquefaction and storage of natural gas  5  1
Oil derivatives providing plants  53
Coal processing enterprises and coal terminals  2
Shales processing enterprises  1
Power generating stations  17

The system includes the following objects: a system of main and inter-field pipelines, petroleum derivatives and gas pipelines; railways; inner water cargo routes and off shore routes of transportation in northern seas; the limiting conditions for the transport of oil by water; the regions and centers of oil production; the condition of ice cover on the northern seas area for March, 2003 (maximum development for the last five years). Every object of the Fuel-Power Complex involved into the investing projects have been estimated as to their realization stage and divided into two groups: the developing ones and the long-range ones.

The most large-scale and significant transportation projects, both for the district and for the whole Russia, have been isolated into separate blocks within the spatial imaging. These are developing of export-oriented infrastructure of oil and oil derivatives transport with an exit to the Finnish Gulf shore; the scheme of ОАО РИТЭК of oil export by railway to the port Izshevskoye of Kaliningrad region; the integrated scheme of НК “Rosheft” making use of a tank-generator in Murmansk; the projects of pipelines connecting the deposits of Western Siberia, Timano-Pechorsky province with the shore of the Barents sea; the projects of natural gas production and realization: the industrial exploitation of the Stokmanov deposit in the Barents sea shelf and the works on the North-European pipeline which is to deliver gas from the West Siberia to the countries of the Baltic region and to Britain.

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