Licenses and certificates

The license of the Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia №СЗГ-01022К from 28.07.2003 for the creation and maintaining the geographic information systems with the federal, regional and specific aims; for making, preparing for publication and publishing advertising and informational materials on the cartographic basis or with its use (earlier we had the analogous licenses from the Ministry of Mineral Resource of Russia).

The patent of Russian Federation for the industrial model “The Atlas of thematic maps “Mineral resource base of hydrocarbon raw materials(oil, gas, condensate)” № 48852, the priority since 24.03.2000;

The certificate of Russian agency on patents and trade marks (Rospatent):

  • “Calculations and Stock-taking of Oil-and-Gas Resources (RUNO)” Ver.1.0. № 980536 from 09.09.1998, ver.2.0. № 2000610798 from 25.08.2000.
  • “The Quality of the Transported Oil (KaTraN)” ver. 1.0. № 2003620080 from 21.04.2003.
  • “The Scheme of Streams (traffic flow) (SPOT)” ver. 1.0. № 2003620082 from 29.04.2003.
  • The Certificate of Russian agency on legal protection of computer software, data bases and topology of integral micro-schemes (ROSAPO); “The graphic database management system “Janus”; ver. 1.2. № 940027 from 31.01.1994, ver.3.0., № 980298 from 18.05.1998.