Company Management

Dr. Mikhail Grigoryev


Co-owner and the director of consulting company GECON (St. Petersburg – Moscow, Russia).


  • 1997 – 2000 Institute for Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels (Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation), director.
  • 1980 – 1997 Arctic Oil and Gas Geology Division, All-Russian Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean (Ministry of Geology / Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation). Field experience: 12 Arctic expeditions.


Direction of researches: oil & gas resources and supplying transport infrastructure development, investment environment. More than 300 printed papers.



  • Scientific council of Security council of the Russian Federation;
  • Coordination council on cross-border and interregional cooperation under the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation to the Northwest Federal District; the chairman of expert group concerning development of mineral resources and development of transport system in Arctic regions;
  • Scientific and technical council of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation;
  •  Scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Geology and Development of Oil, Gas and Coal Fields;
  • European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers;
  • Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (oil and gas branch), Full Member.